Saturday, 8 July 2017

PREORDER!! Transformers TAKARATOMY MALL Exclusive Legend Series LG-EX God Ginrai Giftset by Takaratomy!!

Dear Shoppers,
Preorder of Products from Takaratomy as follow:
  • Transformers Takaratomy Mall Exclusive Legend Series LG-EX God Ginrai Giftset
  • Manufactured by: Takaratomy
  • Preorder Price: SGD $235.00 / Amend to SGD $180.00 on 8 July 2017
  • Deposit: SGD $50.00
  • Preorder Closing Date: 25 June 2017 or Order Fulfilled
  • Estimated Arrival: November 2017
  • Product Detail:
Combined TF of "LG - 35 Super Jinry" and "LG - 42 God Bomber" appeared as an SP set only for Takara Tomi Mall! In addition to making the window of the cabin section of Super Jin Rai a clear part, some parts including the cabin part of God Bomber are plated! In addition, 2 head masters "Cab" and "Minerva" are included! Also in conjunction with the same series sold separately, the head master function works in conjunction with items deformed to the base of the same series, such as cross head on (head replacement combined) and compatibility of boarding play at the vehicle and position fixing by micro pin Playing can be played, By arranging Sealies, play will spread widely.

To Make Preorder, proceed to our store located at:
- 18 Cross Street China Square Central #02-20 Singapore 048423,
or E-Mail to us for Reservation or Inquires at:
Thanks for Taking Interest.

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